How do I get a beach parking permit?


Click the blue Permit Parking icon below to apply for a Permit Parking Sticker online:

parking permit Opens in new window

*There is a $3.00 Service Charge associated with online payments – The Service Charge is not a Town of York fee; it is a fee imposed by the payment processing company

Once your online permit approved is approved and payment has been received, we will mail you your sticker.

Your information is secure.  All Payment transactions are processed "encrypted" ensuring the security of your credit card or bank account information.  The Town of York does not retain or store any credit card or bank information.  

If you are a York resident or a property owner, you are entitled to purchase a Beach Parking Sticker. 

You can mail a copy of the current registration to the vehicle that you plan to adhere the sticker to, along with a check for the fee, which is $40, or $20 if you are 65 or older. 

If the vehicle is registered through this office, the license plate number will suffice. No copy needed. 

Residency is established by your Maine vehicle registration with your York street address on it. If you own property in the Town of York but your legal residence is another state or Maine city or town, you can obtain a beach sticker only if the name on the vehicle registration matches the name on the property tax account. Upon receipt of the legitimate registration and payment, we will mail the sticker to you. 

The sticker is exclusive to the vehicle it is issued to. 

Checks should be made payable to the Town of York and mailed to Tax Collector’s Office, 186 York St., York, Me 03909

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