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Boston Post Cane Form

  1. Boston Post Cane Nomination Form

    Please fill out this form if you are nominating someone for the Boston Post Cane.

Contact Us

  1. Ask a question to the Selectboard for Citizen's Forum (non-confidential). (This form is used if you have a question for the Selectboard for Citizen's Forum in their upcoming meetings. This is non-confidential and can be put in the packet and on the website under Meeting Materials. However, your address, phone number and email will remain confidential). Please keep to a limit of 300 words or less.

    This is the form where a question can be asked to the Selectboard for Citizen's Forum in their upcoming Selectboard meetings. This is... More…

  2. Contact Finance Department
  3. Contact Planning
  4. Contact Town Manager's Office
  5. Jaime- Contact Form
  1. Contact Code Enforcement
  2. Contact Human Resources
  3. Contact Town Clerk / Tax Collector

    Please fill out this form if you would like the Town Clerk's office to contact you to begin the process for renewing your current... More…

  4. Contact York Beach Greenway District Subcommittee

    Questions and Comments for the York Beach Greenway District Subcommittee.

  5. Leslie -Contact Form

Questions on the Warrant Articles on the May Ballot

  1. Use this form to ask your questions about the May Ballot

    This form is for anyone that has a question, comment or concern on any of the Articles on the May Ballot. This is due by Sunday, April... More…