DAREDrug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is a program which was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1983. D.A.R.E is more than just drug prevention; D.A.R.E is a community approach to the problems facing our children today as well as in the future. We are sure your child will enjoy the D.A.R.E Program and that the lessons learned will last them a lifetime! If you would like to hear more about D.A.R.E at your club or organization, please contact Officer Jamie Robie at 207-363-4444. Visit the Lucky Kat World website.

Second Grade D.A.R.E Visitation Program

  • Being Safe - basic safety issues, stranger, door and telephone safety, etc.
  • Drug Safety - medicines vs non-medicines
  • Learning to Say No - to know, to say no, to go, to tell
  • Feelings - feeling good about yourself

Fourth Grade D.A.R.E Visitation Program

  • Rules and Laws
  • Drugs May Help or Harm
  • Saying no to drug offers
  • Handling conflicts without violence / resolving conflicts
  • DARE to say no

Fifth Grade (D.A.R.E Curriculum)

D.A.R.E is taught by our trained uniformed York Police Officer, Jamie Robie. Through the D.A.R.E program, Officer Robie teaches children how to recognize peer pressure, how to make good sound decisions, ways to say no to drug offers and, provides positive alternatives to tobacco, drug and alcohol use. One goal is to reinforce family values as well as keeping the lines of communication open regarding these difficult issues.