SRO York High School

At the high school level, much of the SROs time is spent talking to about ways to keep themselves safe.  SROs often used school-based policing programs such as a Safety Fair, to teach them about the dangers of drunk driving and distracted driving. The Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Program empowers females and teaches them how to defend themselves against an attacker. The Constitutional Law class helps them to understand the constitution and how it pertains to police work and the law. 

The SROs are also an excellent resource for parents as well, individually, and through a class called Hidden in Plain Sight.  This course taught by the SROs helps teach parents what to look for in the home that may indicate their child is experimenting with substances.

For more information about these or any other ways, the School Resource Officer can help, visit or contact SRO Shaun Darrow at the York High School.