Planning Department

For more information on issues in front of the Planning Board please visit their page.

Welcome to the Planning Department

  • The Planning Department works collaboratively with all members of the community to articulate a vision for the future of York and works to implement this vision for the benefit of both current and future generations. The Planning Department is responsible for researching, analyzing, developing, and proposing land use planning and development policies, plans, programs, and ordinances. 

 In general, the Planning Departments core functions include:

  • Manage, promote, and facilitate implementation of the Town of York’s Comprehensive Plan and policy goals located within the Plan.
  • Maintain and prepare amendments to York’s zoning ordinance, other municipal ordinances, as well as subdivision and non-residential site plan regulations.
  • Collect and analyze data regarding land use and development trends and best practices.
  • Formulate community outreach and engagement activities related to the creation of land use plans and development policies.
  • Support the Town Manager, Selectboard and Planning Board in the adoption, implementation, funding and prioritization of comprehensive land use and development policies, plans, regulations, and programs.
  • Collaborate with other Municipal Departments and Regional Planning Organizations in preparing intermediate and long-range plans and policies for transportation, parks, housing, community and economic development and other matters related to the use and development of land.
  • Advise and provide professional and technical assistance to the Town Manager, Selectboard, Planning Board and other Municipal Boards, Committees and Municipal Departments on planning and development issues.
  • Provide guidance to the Planning Board on development proposals and assist property owners and developers with navigating through the Planning Board application review process.
  • Maintain development and planning records of the Town.

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