Contract Transcription

The first section of The Soldiers’ Monument afe (authorization for expenditures) ledger concerns committee formation, minutes, contractual and monument details. The transcribers have done their best to be accurate with this effort. The book may have had more than one author as the writing style does vary. The text was written in cursive with a fountain pen. Spelling, case, abbreviations and numbers were transcribed as found. Italic indicates something added by transcribers for clarity.

1905 September 14

The York Maine Soldiers Monument Committee met Thursday September 14th at 2 o’clock in the afternoon at the office of D.A. Stevens, York Village, and organized by making Hon Edward  S. Marshall Chairman, Daniel A Stevens, (clerk) and passed the following votes

Voted that the plans submitted by John E. Staples by Mr. F. Barnicoat be accepted.

Voted that Mr. Bryan Lathrop as President of the York Historical Society and York Village Improvement Association be invited to serve as a advisory member of the committee particularly in selecting a location.

Voted - That the whole committee resolve themselves as a finance committee, and that Hon Edward S. Marshall be the permanent chairman and Daniel A. Stevens, treasurer of the Finance Committee.

Voted -That the committee raise by subscription a sum of money not exceeding two thousand dollars.

Voted -To adjourn subject to call of the clerk. A true copy of the doings of the Committee.

Attest Daniel A. Stevens Clerk of the Committee

Memorandum of Agreement made this Nineteenth day of January A.D. 1906 by and between Fredrick Barnicoat of Quincy in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Party of the first part and

Edw. S. Marshall, Daniel A. Stevens, John E. Staples, Chas. W, Walker, John Dennett, Walter M. Smith, Moses J. Adams, as they are the Committee of the Association of Veterans and Sons of Veterans an organization in the Town of York, Maine, to procure a Soldiers Monument to be erected in the Town of York, State of Maine, as the second part witnesseth.

First said party of the first part in consideration of the payment of sixteen hundred twenty dollars ($1620) to him as hereinafter stated, agrees to furnish and deliver securely boxed F.O.B. cars Quincy Adams* to said party of the second part a monument in accordance with the design accepted by the said committee to be built of Medium Quincy granite. Statue to be of Westerly R.I. Granite. All lettering on die of said monument to be 15 cents each extra.

(A) said monument is to be eighteen feet in Height and of the following dimensions.

Lower base 7’0” X 7’0” X 1’5”

Second base 5’4” X 5’4” X 0’11”

Third base 4’8” X 4’8” X 1’10”

Die 3’10” X 3’10” X 5’0”

Cap 4’6” X 4’6” X 2’2”

Statue to be 6’8” high

There will be four emblems carved on third base of said monument representing the four branches of the U.S. Service, and dates cut on second base as shown on the design. Four sides of die to be polished and four polished balls seven inches in diameter to be placed on four corners of cap of said monument.

(B) The workmanship and the material used in the execution and completion of the Monument and Statue shall be first class and the said party of the first part agrees to complete all the work called for by this agreement on or before May 1st, 1906. In case of labor troubles, delays or accidents beyond control a reasonable lenth of time to be allotted thereafter for the completion of the work.

(C) Said party of the first part agrees to set monument on its foundation at York Village, Maine, and guarantee it against any injury in its setting for the sum of fifty dollars ($50). Said party of the first part however to assume no risk or expense in its transportation from Quincy to the lot where monument is to be erected.

Second: Said party of the second part agrees upon the full performance of the agreement of the party of the first part as recited in the forgoing paragraph of this contract to approve and accept said monument and to pay the said party of the first part the sum of one thousand dollars ($1000) in cash after the completion and setting of said monument, balance to be paid on or before Sept 1st 1906. In witnesseth whereof we the said Fredrick Barnicoat and Chas. W. Walker, Edw. S. Marshall, John Dennett, Daniel A. Stevens, Walter M. Smith, John E. Staples, Moses J. Adams.

As committee on said Soldiers Monument for the association of Veterans in York, Maine, as aforesaid hereto and to another instrument of like tenor set our hands the day and year first above written.

Fredrick Barnicoat, Daniel A Stevens, John E. Staples, Edw. S. Marshall, Charles W. Walker.

A true copy of the agreement, Attest D.A. Stevens, Clerk.

At a meeting of Committee on Soldiers Monument held March 31st, 1906, in the office of D. A. Stevens at York Village, Me., at two o’clock in the afternoon five of the seven committee were present as follows

Edward S. Marshall, Chas. W. Walker, John E. Staples, Moses J. Adams, Daniel A. Stevens, and the following votes were passed.

Voted to accept the report of the treasurer which was as follows. 

Whole Amt subscribed by individuals toward Soldiers Monument, $1220 of which $335 has been paid in. The York Dramatic Club have about $80 the proceeds from a play written by Miss Della Varrell given in the Town Hall, and the Town at the annual meeting voted the sum of six hundred fifty dollars ($650) to be used towards the payment of the monument which will make the final paid in and promised as follows.

Cash received from individuals             335

Cash subscribed by individuals             885

Cash appropriated by the Town at
last annual Town meeting                      650

Amount to be donated by the York Dramatic Club proceeds from play written by Miss Della Varrell, the daughter of a veteran*          77.10

Voted to accept the offer of Hon E.O. Emerson allowing the monument to be placed on the triangle shaped lot in York Village in front of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Emerson agreeing to convey the lot to the town to be used as the Soldiers Monument lot and that the Soldiers Monument be erected on the lot. 

Voted to adopt the following inscription to be placed upon the die of the monument.

“Erected in 1906 To Sons of York who served their country in Army and Navy for preservation of the Union.”

Voted that a copy of the contract for the Monument be placed upon the records of this committee.

Voted that Mr. John E. Staples take charge of the Monument when it reaches the York Harbor Rail Road Station.

Voted to adjourn this meeting subject to the call of the clerk.

A true copy of the doing of the said meeting of the S.M. Committee

Attest D.A. Stevens, Clerk

1908 March 16

At the final meeting of the Committee chosen by the York, Me. Veterans and Sons of Veterans Association on the first day of April 1906. To raise funds and procure a Monument to be placed in some suitable location in the Town to be dedicated to the memory of the Soldiers and Sailors who served their country in the Army and Navy during the Civil War for the preservation of the Union held March 16, 1908 at three o’clock in the afternoon in the office of D.A. Stevens York Village. Four of the seven members were present as follows - Hon E.S. Marshall, John E. Staples, Moses J. Adams, & D.A. Stevens. The records of the last meeting were read, accepted and adopted the report of D.A. Stevens Treasurer of the Committee was accepted and adopted.

Voted - That the balance in the treasury of three and 66/100 (3.66) dollars be paid to the treasurer of the Veterans and Sons of Veterans Association.

Voted - To adjourn Sine die*

A true copy. Attest D.A. Stevens Clerk of the Committee

* Quincy Adams refers to a train station in Quincy, Massachusetts.

* Civil War naval veteran Harmon Varrell 

* Sine die - Latin - With reference to business or proceedings that have been adjourned with no appointed date for resumption. "the case was adjourned sine die" literally ‘without a day.’