The Finance Department oversees bond issuance for capital projects, all bill payments, payroll processing and payroll tax filings, investments, foreclosures, reconciling of cash/school accounts, accounts receivable, preparing annual budgets for review by the Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen, working with the Auditors on the annual financial statements.

Financial Health

A complete picture of the Town’s financial health can be found in the financial statements on this website. in those reports one will find detail about the activity in each department, as well as overall revenues and expenditure and changes in fund balance, fixed assets, cash, bond issuance and bond repayment for the General Fund as well as Capital Funds, Special Revenue Funds and Enterprise Funds. Also included are changes over time in the total property valuation and tax rates.

Discharge of Property Tax Liens

For those in seek of copies of property tax lien discharges, please visit the York County Registry of Deeds’ website. From this site, you will be able to purchase copies of discharges and other documents. Alternately, you can view these documents to obtain the date, as well as the book and page of the discharge to update credit bureau records, if necessary. We make every effort to discharge liens within a few weeks of receipt of payment of said lien(s).


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