Town Manager

  1. Stephen H. Burns

    Town Manager
    Phone: 207-363-1000, ext. 6021

  2. Brett Horr

    Director of GIS and Technology
    Phone: 207-363-1000, ext. 6043

  3. Reenie Johnson

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 207-363-1000, ext 6036

  4. Diana Janetos

    Assistant to the Town Manager
    Phone: 207-363-1000 ext 6022

  1. 070 for National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day
  2. 069 with Deborah McDermott
  3. 066 with Julie Ethridge
  4. 067 with Ken Churchill
  5. 064 with Clementine at YPL
  6. 065 with Peg Scamman
  7. 062 with Victor Manougian
  8. 062 with USS California and volunteers
  9. 061 with Rozanna Patane
  10. 060 with Jim Dube
  11. 059 with Gunther and Jon Rogers
  12. 058 with retiring Brenda Bracy
  13. 057 with Greg Zinser
  14. 056 with Stella
  15. 055 with Katie and Mark of Connectivity Point
  16. 054 with Robin Cogger
  17. 053 with Terry Pirini
  18. 052 with Dave Rowland
  19. 051 With Patrick Moulton
  20. 050 With Holly Roberts
  21. 049 With Tim DePerrio
  22. 048 With Patience Horton
  23. 047 With Robin Kerr
  24. 046 With Joel Lefever
  25. 045 With Mary Costigan
  26. 044 With Jud Knox and Kathleen Kluger
  27. 043 With the Municipal Social Services Review Committee
  28. 042 With Chief Balentine
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Documents and Forms

York Toll Plaza Replacement Project

Archived Documents

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Special Event Permits

A Special Event Permit is required for any temporary use or activity that occurs on any Town Street, Town Park or other Town-owned Property that is outside the normal use of such, has any potential impact on motor vehicle or pedestrian traffic, parking or any other potential community impact, or that causes impacts beyond those associated with normal use. This includes but is not limited to: parades, group walks, road races, fundraising walk, bicycle tours, motorcycle tours, craft fairs, festivals, sidewalk sales, block parties, swimming events, surfing events, fireworks, and bonfires. Event organizers and participants will be required to adhere to any conditions and the General Requirements specified in the Special Event Permit Application and the Town of York Special Event Ordinance and Regulations.

Special Event Permit Application (PDF)     Special Event Permit Application (Word Form)  

Special Events Ordinance       Special Events Regulations


Applications must be completed and submitted to the Town Manager’s Office located at the Town Hall, 186 York Street, York, ME  03909 at least 45 days prior to the date of the event. Once a completed application has been submitted, the Town Manager’s Office will review the application for completeness and once determined complete will schedule the Board of Selectmen to take action (approval/denial) on the application; the applicant will subsequently be notified of the Board of Selectmen’s decision.


A completed application includes all of the following:

-           Signatures of all required departments (located on the second page of application) and any applicable Detail Request Sheets

-           Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the Town of York as an Additional Insured, and including coverage for contractual liability with a minimum of $,1,000,000 per occurrence

-           Events where a “route” is applicable, a street by street list of the route is required

-           A signed Release and Indemnity Agreement

-           Check or Cash for the Application Fee where applicable

Banner Policy

The Town Manager's Office may approve the placement of a banner for a not for profit group at the approved locations over York Street and Main Street. All organizations using the banner poles will be required to sign the Banner Release Form before their reservation is approved. For more information contact Missy Avery, Assistant to the Town Manager.

Banner Release Form               Banner Policy

Capital Budgeting

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Referendum Timelines

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Town Reports

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